Director - Suzannah Warlick
Producer - Suzannah Warlick
Editor - Suzannah Warlick
Assistant Producer & Advisor -
Michael Schwartz
Sound Mixing - Lenny Jones
Color Correction - Scott Sevick
Glenn Rose
Paul Indig
Michael Schwartz
Gregory Warlick
Suzannah Warlick
Batsheva Frankel
Judah S. Harris
Esther Zibell
Lee B. First
Sylvia Heyman
Rena Hirsch
Chasya Parker
Faye Rudman
Esther Schwartz
Appearances by:
Devorah Benjamin
Chaim Shul Brook
Raizel Brook
Renee Chambers
Rabbi Steven L. Conn
Lisa Dunn
Scott Dunn
Raizel Feder
Yankie Feder
Feder Children
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Miriam Fishman
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Yossie Frankel
Bracha Friedman
Rabbi Manis Friedman
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Nechama Heber
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Michael Schwartz
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Chana Sharfstein
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Shimona Tzukernik
Sima Vchevashansky
Danielle Weissman
Jonathan Weissman
David Zulauf
Klezmer Dance Party - Produced by Backyard Partners
Sruli Dresdner and Lisa Mayer
“Freylikhs/Bulgars I”
Yossi Goldstein - Produced by Yossi Goldstein
“Eishes Chayil”
Composed by Boruch Levine
Child Soloist Eli Goldstein
“Aneinu- Moriah”
Composed by Pinky Weber
“Yoshov Noh”
Composed by Boruch Levine
Biglal Avos - Arrangements and Production by Josh Young, Shlomo & Eitan Katz
“Shuvi Nafshi” - Eitan Katz
“Kol Dodi” - Shlomo Katz
“Asher Bara” - Shlomo Katz

Suzannah Warlick - Music composed using Soundtrack

Boro Park, NY
Crown Heights, NY
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, Fla

Special Thanks to:
Field’s Introduction & Dating Service

“Match & Marry” was conceived when
I was talking to a woman who just returned from New York. She was telling everyone that she went to her first Orthodox Jewish wedding. The bride was very young (17?) and the couple was set up by a matchmaker. Since I have dabbled in “unofficial matchmaking” with friends, I took an interest in this subject and basically came up with the idea of making a documentary about matchmaking in the Orthodox Jewish community.
Coming from a more conservative Jewish background and growing up in Brooklyn, I never had the opportunity to associate with anyone from the Orthodox Jewish community nor did I ever take a trip into Crown Heights (an Orthodox Jewish /Chasidic area in Brooklyn.) It was not until the making of
“Match & Marry” that I stepped foot into the Orthodox Jewish world. Needless to say, I had my preconceived notions about the Orthodox, but I wanted to find out if I was correct or if there were reasons behind my notions.
In the filming of the documentary, my goal was to make it appeal to the secular crowd as well as the Jewish community. Therefore, the interviews were conducted in more of a philosophical manner instead of focusing on religion. During the interview process, I came to the conclusion that although the focus was on the Orthodox community, the messages in the philosophy and religion were universal.

One of the things that I really loved about putting this documentary together, is the people who I met and who appear in “Match & Marry.” All of them have been very helpful, welcoming, and supportive. They are true gems. I must say, I made a whole new group of Orthodox Jewish friends.


Suzannah Warlick, Director

Suzannah Warlick took an interest in videography and editing in 1990 when she got married. Not wanting a run of the mill wedding video, Suzannah and the wedding videographer agreed to edit the video together. It turned out to be quite entertaining and not your typical wedding video. Since her wedding, she has continued to pursue her interest.  

From 1994 through 1999, Suzannah Warlick was an intern at Cable Vision Industries in Los Angeles, California where she held many roles including technical directing, assistant directing, and editing. She began producing, directing, and editing her own projects in 2000 when she started Bubble Soup Productions (bubble soup.com.)

Suzannah recently has been focusing her attention on producing documentaries. She has a background in teaching and the arts, and is naturally curious about a variety of topics. She enjoys educating the public in an entertaining way.  

Suzannah’s first experimental 10 minute documentary, “The Queen’s Court,” focuses on three men transforming into women as they get ready for a transvestite party.  

Her documentary, "Supporting Actors," about the brutal business of acting, is in distribution with The Cinema Guild (cinemaguild.com). This documentary continues to be sold to schools, colleges, universities, and libraries around the world.  

Her 5 minute short , "One Moment," about a toddler's destruction of his house, was featured in the Kids First Film Festival during their first quarter tour in 2006. "The Kids First Film Festival has become the largest children's film festival in the world. It travels to 75+ cities and reaches an audience of more than 300,000 annually..."  

She currently completed the documentary, "Match & Marry," involving matchmaking and marriage customs in the Orthodox Jewish Community. She is hoping to entertain and educate Jewish and secular audiences with this project.  

At the same time, Suzannah has embarked on another documentary with co-director Michael Schwartz and host Chana Sharfstein. This documentary focuses on Scandinavian holocaust survivors and rescuers before, during, and after WWII.

Other projects completed by Suzannah Warlick include commercials, music videos, photo/video montages, weddings, and event videography. Samples of her work can be seen on


Michael Schwartz, Assistant Producer and Advisor

Michael Schwartz grew up in Crown Heights, NY and was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family. He has been dedicated to capturing footage of all family events, traditions, and highlights, especially involving his grandfather. He is focusing on directing a documentary about his Chasidic roots.

Michael shared some of his family footage in “Match & Marry.“ Since it was difficult to obtain footage of a religious man going on a date, Michael immersed himself in the documentary so that this essential piece of dating information could be explored. He was also instrumental in locating matchmakers on the West Coast and for shooting B roll of Crown Heights. Most importantly, coming from an Orthodox Jewish background, Michael advised on how the community would react and accept the concepts that appear in the documentary.

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