“Zelikovitz Centre at Carleton University in Ottawa ...the film screening of Match and Marry last night was a resounding success! We had a full crowd and everybody loved it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to premiere this fantastic film in Ottawa.
-- Jackie Shabsove, Assistant
- Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies
- Carleton University

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show your documentary "Match & Marry". Everyone who came really enjoyed the evening. Of course it would never have been the same had you not been there. The answer and question session really got the crowd involved. It was inspirational for all who attended.
- Rabbi Zalman Hendel,
Beth Chabad Israeli Community

“I really want to thank you for a terrific evening. The people loved it and have been giving us great feedback. It was a real eye opener for many of the people and I thought you did a terrific job at the end of giving the whole thing a personal touch. Yesterday morning in Shul some of the men were still talking about it and those who were not there felt terrible they missed it.
-- Rabbi Mendy Gutnick

“...the subject is intriguing (so it attracts a nice crowd), the audience laughed their way through the film, the atmosphere & response was so positive, and the content was educational. The producer, Suzannah Warlick, is such a mench. Her presence at the event made such a difference. She gives the film context an outsider/non-religious perspective.
-- Rabbi Raleigh Resnick,
Chabad of the Tri-Valley

“Thank you again for a wonderful evening! It was a great change to our programming repertoire, light, entertaining and educational at the same time. I got a number of additional compliments this morning. People really enjoyed the film and had a great time.
-- Rabbi Levi Landa

“What a fun film. I found it to be a very amusing take on what can be an intense and perilious part of life. You covered the topic from numerous angles and demonstrated a palpable appreciation of Orthodox Jewish life.
-- Scott

“I enjoyed so much getting a glimpse into a world that I know so little about and learning about their values of marriage and family. It also inspired me to think differently of my next relationship and feel less pressure to go fast in a way that is not conducive to love.
-- Gabriela

“Suzannah Warlick’s engaging film Match and Marry, takes a closer look at the shidduch system for religious Jews.”


“Some of the “how we got married” segments are so enjoyable they seem like lost footage from an Orthodox version of When Harry Met Sally.”


“… the film only skims the surface of the complicated world of matchmaking and marriage in the Orthodox world, but it does so enjoyably and compellingly.”

- The Jewish Press, June 22, 2007




About Public Screenings With The Filmmaker

With screenings across the globe, "Match & Marry" is more of an event than just a movie. The filmmaker shares her insights as an outsider looking into the Orthodox dating system.  Her discussions with audiences have been very entertaining as well as educational.  She shares charming and humorous matchmaking stories collected from rabbis and matchmakers.
  "Match & Marry" appeals to all people,
single, married, young, old, religious, non-religious, etc. The movie brings up good questions and audiences
have been very enthusiastic.

Public Screenings Without The Filmmaker

It is encouraged to conduct a Q&A discussion with the audience after the movie screening. It is suggested that a rabbi, matchmaker, or community member lead the discussion.

Match & Marry DVD for a Public Screening or Event - Please note that public screenings
require public performance rights.
To organize a screening of Match & Marry, please email bubblesoupproductions@yahoo.com
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Match & Marry DVD for HOME USE ONLY - Purchase the film for home viewing or as a gift to a private individual.
Please note: a home DVD may not be screened publicly or in an educational setting. Such use violates copyright law. 

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Match & Marry DVD for Public Libraries

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Match & Marry DVD for COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, and SCHOOL USE  - Purchase the film for classrooms and school libraries.  If the institution is interested in a public screening, please e-mail
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Match & Marry
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